Starting making EXTático watches with CNC

watches, cnc, started

watches, cnc, started

watches, cnc, started

My wife and me we have started to make our watches in our own workshop. In Spain we make EXT watches with a CNC machine. Also,we have bought diferent devices like sandblaster, polisher, paint pistol for watch dial. For that we did CNC training courses as machining as micromachining with HAAS Madrid

From some months ago we have fulfilled your dreams, to manufacture our own watch designs. We make each watch part here, less movement, but we want to make it in short terms as well.

So far we have made a lot of samples in order to reach a high end watch. Aluminium Juntor is a very nice watch based on tactical military esthetic.

We hope we can introduce this watch as soon as possible. It is very difficult to get a good watch in a plenty market with so competence. But we are happy with this idea and we will do it.

In the picture my wife and me the first day we turned on CNC machine. We have more than 200 prototypes better and better.

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