Using Fusion 360 in EXTático watches

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Fusion 360 for extatico watches is a new tool of Autodesk that joins design, mechanical engineering and machining. This tool uses the cloud for collaboration between different people.

The idea is that customers can use this tool without come out of Fusion. They even collaborate between them in the cloud. From first stroke until machining simulation customer can work with Fusion. This is very interesting because designers don’t need to buy expensive programs for doing a new design and show it by emails. Work in cloud permits to do it easily as well.

Moreover, this tool is uptodate constantly. So, improving are provided each 2 or 3 months. Autodesk idea is to offers a product that simple customer or professional engineer can do his own design, beginning from a sketch and ending with code for machining.

So, we haven’t necessity to invest in expensive software. Fusion 360 has a good price with a lot of design tools. Thus, we can invest in machinery for making our watches in own workshop like CNC, pad printer, sandblaster, etc.

So far, fusion 360 gallery has admitted one of extatico watches like bronze diver. It was a good news for us, because  it is a reward for our effort. We are currently doing a 3D simulation of the movement. Let’s introduce and display it in our laboratory of extatico watches.

Fusion 360 allows to design with polygons, surfaces and solids too. As well CAM software in fusion is of 3-5 axes, very similar to Autodesk HSM software. We can do drawing in autocad, animations or renders without coming out of software.

We are very happy to incorporate this tool in our studio. As well, we are looking forward of new improving and next update like integration 2D and 3D paint, 5 axis or reverse engineering.

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