First of all EXTático is a small company dedicated to the design and manufacture their own unusual watches. So, they are we manufactured here in Spain .

Our company is a micro brand, whose objetive is to spread our philosophical idea as time does not exist, it’s just a feeling. So,EXTatico is a small company with unusual watches with great ideas.

Since 2006 EXTatico has designed, developed and making unusual watches. Our way started with an idea about spanish time because Spaniard understands time very well. And we enjoy of it. Later we leave from spanish time and we did a twist or evolved towards making conceptual watches. We ordered the best industrial software and we bougth machinery to do reality our dream, making watches in Spain. So, in our workshop we have two CNC for machining watch cases and movement components like crown, dial even gears for movements.

As a result EXtatico start to introduce these unusual watches in the market now. The first of them is Anodized Aluminium Juntor with diferent colors to bezel. It is a esthetical tactical watch very nice. The design is very innovative for some reasons. For instance, the link to strap or fastening system consists on screwed plates to case back. The strap is linked to the case back with two mechanized small posts that penetrates in the rubber strap.

During this year, we want to introduce some of other watches we have developed for some years ago. Conceptor, Regulador or Constructor, will introduce into the market or at least we make prototypes in order to asses if customer likes these unusual watches.

As well, we want to carry on with the development of our EXT Type 1 movement. There are two reasons for that. It would be the firts movement made in Spain. So, we wouldn´t depend on outsourcing of it. In conclusion if we get to make it here then our watches would be unsual watches completly.




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