Machining Titanium in workshop. It is not so difficult

titanium extatico workshop

titanium extatico workshop













In general titanium machining is extremely complicated to use but not as people believe.
Titanium has been machining since long time ago, before CNC machines appeared in the market. So, titanium was machined by conventional lathes with the difference they are very unproductive for big industry. Factories need to mechanize many different parts with different sizes in little time. Then, CNC machines with high cut speed, high torque, rigid structures are some of features necessaries for get good results working titanium alloy.The problem is this kind of machine are very expensive for any start-up company or it wants to work with an alloy like TI6V4AL in house.

We have much experience with cast dental alloys like chromium-nickel, cobalt-chromium or titanium 6 vanadium 4 aluminium, the same we have used in some of watches. Really, it is difficult to get melting temperature, because is very high. Moreover, in some cases is necessary an inert atmosphere to avoid oxidation. Anyway, micro polishing or similar operations are not complicated when workshop as the equipment for that.

Then, our questions is it is necessary to machining titanium with high cut speed or we can do it with a low speed? It is possible to cut titanium with a cut speed around 1m/minute? We have looked for some references by internet about 10 tips for machining titanium and we found a link very interesting about that.

In this site explains there is a special cliche about the difficulty to machine titanium. It is due or not to know the titanium physical properties. Not present any particular difficulty and it can be work by any workshop with commitment and professionalism.

Then, we can start to machining titanium extatico workshop,so we understand we can make it if we follow the different advices this site suggest or papier about that. Low cut speed, large flow of cutting fluid, use of tools with controlled sharpening, not stopping when we cut chip etc, it would be some of them.


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