Time don´t exist

escaping of prison

escaping of prison


The measured time was an invention of the Benedictine monks to control of the hermit’s individuality and monitoring the work of the people who were at their service. Adam Smith with the division of work and Ford with the time control in mass production were introduced the concept of servility to the measured time, which is the idea of Surveillance and Punishment that Foucault had described. And to complete it, this way of monitoring and punishing, Toyota called it total quality. If religion was created to control the common people, time was created by his ministers to maximize internal surveillance, even with the fanaticism that they had with the timeliness.

For this reason, time does not exist, but it was created as an extreme form of surveillance to punish those who do not fulfill a schedule or which are not punctual in their work. When wrist watches were really invented they were bracelets telematics for prisoners’ control, a virtual panopticon as a surveillance program dreamed Bentham. Individuality was subjected to chronometer structure and to the orders of Power.

As does not exist time, the watch no longer has the function of measuring it. It makes no sense to be in a panoptic surveillance structure as subjugation to power, we ourselves had accepted. We have the ability to interpret the existence of time otherwise, not as a watchdog function but as an emotion. So what use are watches? Not to be controlled by the original function of time. The watches have become something else, embody an aesthetic emotion of creativity that connects the creator to the receiver of form. Creativity turns into a new expression of reality, the reality of a creator who interacts with others by the aesthetic vision. And this vision is getting way beyond the borders of isolation of each.

So, we say that time does not exist, it’s just a feeling. It is the feeling of aesthetic sublimation that interconnects all creators and receivers in the same course of action and reaction. There is no rule or power, only the greatness of the creativity that is formed in the expression of the reality of the watch shape.


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