Should the watch designer to manufacture their own watches?

design and manufacturing

design and manufacturing


In Spain there is a phrase we often use with a double meaning, “any fool makes watches“. The first sense is pejorative, anyone clever can take advantage of any situation. The watch world is full of such people. You find a nice watch, with a design already released, you put your name, makes your own brand and you can sell it and get money quickly if the business works well. Or at least try it. This is the easy way.

The phrase has been said also has a deeper meaning that would be, anyone who tries one thing can get it. In relation to watches have begun to proliferate designers who design and develop a watch through outsourcing and put on it in the market. This idea is already quite laudable, but sometimes the customer does not distinguish the importance of design and gives more importance to the manufacture itself. This implies that if designed watch is made in China, for example, is not appreciated enough by the customer.

There are few designers in the world who make the watch process completely as design, development and manufacturing themselves. If we incorporate the design and development of watch manufacturing for yourself, the work is very complex. First, not only should be added industrial design softwares but machining as well. In addition, we should make an investment in machinery like milling machine, grinding or sandblaster, but I think worth the added value of making the watch designed in house.

This is my idea now , manufacture all except the watch mechanism. I’ll start by Junctor bronze with the new design which carries the crown protector and the new buckle. Also, a special attachment for rotating bezel, which is a little more stable. With respect to the movement, I will it more ahead with conceptor watch. Although it is quite developed, I think it will take a while to see the light.
Also, I intend to give the soul to watches that I make. They are not only beautiful constructions, but go beyond its material sense. So, I try link my watches with an idea of time as emotions, not like a function of measuring

I hope I can soon say all the Junctor we have done in our workshop in Alcoy.

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