CNC milling machine design by EXTático.

CNC milling machine design by EXTático.
CNC for EXTático 1

CNC for EXTático 1


CNC for EXTático

CNC for EXTático


CNC for EXTático

CNC for EXTático


We have started a project to build our CNC milling machine. Why? Because our idea is very difficult to come out if we want to make watches made in spain. Everywhere each supplier asks for us many watches for minimal order quotation. In Spain, in Germany, Swiss is impossible to get a supplier who wants just to make 10 watches.

We receive many orders for watches but of different models and materials. The problem is that we have to order many watches for different models and different materials to watch cases supplier.

We thought people would choose a concrete model, so we showed 4 designs with different options. But people love our watches and we want to accomplish with them.

So we have thought that the best way for accomplishing is making them ourselves in our workshop. Then we have designed a CNC milling machine for machining few watches but enough to do them.

Technical specifications
x,600mm, y 600 z 225
Stepper motor
Steel structure
Cut speed for steel and titanium
Siemens spindle.
Made in Spain.

This project is finished now.


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11 May, 2015

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    CNC milling machine design by EXTático



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