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We like all materials that can use for watches. So far we try with common materials like aluminium, steel, bronze or titanium. We try these other materials in the future. But I will be more specific with watch case material

Some post ago we talked about a new nanocomposite for watch case very strong called itr2. This material is very interesting for its hardness. Its appearance is nice when it blends with other materials like copper even ground.

Silicium is another material likes a lot, but it has very problem for machining. There is a company that works silicium to material watch it explains its limitations. Hardness and fragility extreme convert this material in very difficult to work. But the colour factory achieves with is machining is very nice.

Concrete material choice is very interesting as well. This material allows a relation with architecture and the concept watch. Thus, each element of watch can be involved by this context.

Sapphire crystal uses to watch cases. There are several brands that have tried it. It looks very nice because the customer looks into each parts of watch.

Leather, plastics, niobium, tugsten, chromium-cobalt, magnesium, carbon fiber etc. are materials watches for machining in our workshop.

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