Itr² a new material for watches.













Itr² is a material made by Invector factory in Swiss. So far, Itr² was used for a watch company exclusively. Now, it has been released and other companies have started to use it.

Itr² is a composite material charged with carbon nanotubes that provide a serial of technical properties very specific. For instance,in respect of its hardness it has 600 VH, much more than stainless steel.

It is easy to machine but the period for do it is longer, until five time that steel. So its value is very high because is necessary to know the machining of this material very well.

Due to the hardness, Itr²allows to make movement parts like plates or bridges without jewels. Holes are made with the same precision but is not necessary to put jewels in parts. Company advices this process is very difficult to do it, so they limit its useful to high end watch companies.

As well, all kind of particles can be added for changing the aspect, Cooper, silver, gold even clay as some brand watches has made. All colours are posibles too.

If we have ocasion for making a prototype with this material we will do it. The problem is very difficult to get it because this company just offers this material to known companies in Swiss. Anyway we will try to achieve it because to use new materials is the idea of our company.


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