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Extático brand was founded in 2006 in Alcoy (Alicante) Spain. At first, it emerges from a philosophical idea of the lived time. We thought that the time belong to each one. Really, it is what the Extático word meaning. This idea was reflected in the dial peculiar we have designed for those old watches. You can see it in this picture blog. Now, we have advanced a little more in our way to conceive the time.

We believe that it is very important the design, develop and manufacture our own watches, from the stroke until the physical watch. We are able to make all parts that compose a watch. Although we manufacture our watches in Córdoba, Spain, in outsourcing, we want to set the necessary machinery for making the watches over here, in Alcoy. We have bought the software for being able to develop a watch, even the mechanization process software with Inventor HSM for 3 axes.
As well, with Granda ECO materials for Inventor, we can search the best material appropriate for innovations of our products. Moreover, we carry on researching in new industrial process as laser metal sintered that we have applied in some model now.

In the new watch model called Conceptor, we are developing a new movement with 3 separated hands as if it were a dashboard car. You can look at it by the web site soon.

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