EXTático polyurethane straps. Material and process

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Our watches straps, which are made of polyurethane, have many innovative features.

First, they are made of a polyurethane casting vacuum. This gives them much greater tensile and flexural strength than any thermoplastic rubber. Furthermore, the fact of being manufactured vacuum gives an absence of pores.

The casting polyurethane strap allows for custom units. This means that if a customer wants a particular colour or size, perimeter even a certain number of holes, we can do it. The customer sends his wrist measures and we create a model of your wrist in 3D. On this model, we model customized strap, with measures the customer wants and is manufactured in the Pantone colour who likes to the client.


Our straps are designed in the alias studio on the watchcase, which previously has been designed in Autodesk Inventor. This provides a perfect fit and softness of our conceptual watches.

The reasons for use are:
1. Abrasion
2- Hardiness
3- Tensile strength
4-Load support
Cost – benefit,

1. Eliminates costly downtime in operations
2- Low investment of equipment for small productions
3- Low maintenance costs equipment.

Another advantage is that you can achieve 75 A Shore Hardness, which is ideal for adapting to the wrist strap. Furthermore, the material repels sweat, which offers a smoothness feeling to skin contact and is not sticky as it happens in thermoplastic straps.

Limitations of polyurethane casting
-High temperature service
-Hot environments with humidity
-Presence of certain chemicals

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