How the Juntor concept started. Working in Spain.

How the EXTatico Juntor Spain concept started.

EXTatico Juntor Spain

Juntor militay green

More than ten years ago, we began our journey through this world of watches. After the first model we did, now discontinued, we did a twist to the EXTático idea. We went from the idea of the Spanish time to the design of our watches in a conceptual way. The design bases on industrial objects shape such as cars, airplanes, engines or their components. Thus, we designed concepts of engines like the Wankel rotary engine or a Bentley alloy rim. We also inspired in a concept car, the Seat Tango for our Diver or a regulator for oxygen cylinders as the watch bearing the same name.

The Juntor was something simpler. We based on basic shapes of bolt and screw connectors.

We followed by the idea that a simple screw is a connector of different parts and components, forming complex objects. The simplicity of its shape but the great task that it fulfills, it is a minimalist maxim, less is more.

The concept began as a threaded nut with slots and grooves. The Juntor concept was of different materials such as steel, titanium or aluminum bronze. It was 18 mm of height and a considerable weight. It is the old Juntor, that although it is discontinued we think of to make it again if the people asks us it. After the Juntor evolved, keeping its original lines, to a tactical watch, where the bezel turns and the dial is more complex.

Currently the Juntor is of anodized aluminum of four colors, blood red, military green, navy blue and gray slate. It is also made from bronze and next year it will be made of magnesium and titanium. There is also the possibility of making it with a special material called Itr²but it is on the waiting list.


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This is the EXTatico Juntor Spain

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