We should recover the private area for EXT customers

EXT private area

ext private area

We should recover the private area for EXT customers.


In 2006, when we introduced our website we developed a private area for our customers. The clients could access directly from the our website and it included several sections:

– Guarantee: Clients had access to the conditions of the guarantee and the expiration date.

– Contract: Included the technical specifications of the EXT watch acquired and he could download the invoice if required.

-Technical service:  Customers could contact directly with our technical service, creating a notifications history, like o-ring changes, new straps, bezels of different colors, etc.

– Newsletter: EXT customers received a quarterly newsletter about our unique way of feeling time.

– Notifications: A notifications history for each customer to the brand or us to them.

– Forum: EXT customers from around the world could be in touch with each other through a forum relationship.  They could participate in various topics related to time or the way we live life in Spain.

– Merchandising: Customers could acquire different accessories like straps, links, bezels, shirts or glasses.

By that time we found it a very attractive idea, because if a customer pays a high price for a watch, likes to have an interaction with the company. Unfortunately the area was not successful at all.

We thought that the problem was that the idea was very ahead of its time. Now that social networks and the Internet are booming, this private space should be recovered again. As well, we are ready to make things, we consider that this is the moment to re-start  this area. We realized that there are a lot of posts explaining this idea, looking for an added value to a product. We were the first watch brand in the world to do it. Then, why can not make again our EXT private area?

Maybe we should update some sections, but the idea is to re-introduce some improvements in different categories.

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