Why I make my own design watches

Why I make my own design watches

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(Computer Numeric Control) CNC

At first it may seem very easy to create a brand of watches but it is very difficult manufacturing. Most of the young companies that appear on the market look for an already cataloged watch. They print their logo and sell it after. Having a good online store and a good SEO positioning will be, for sure, beneficial. It is currently, the most common business model.

It is a challenge, designing, developing and manufacturing my own design watches. When I created the EXTático brand, I conceived a fairly ordinary design with an idea of time called Spanish Time. Over the years and the experience, I changed the idea on the design. Now the watches I design and produce are based on forms of industrial elements. I learned to design and develop my own design watches using Autodesk software. Currently I use Fusion 360, which is perfect for companies like ours.

The advantage of Autodesk Fusion 360 is that it is a software for incorporating machined in 3 to 5 axes. That encouraged me to create my own watch-making workshop together with my wife. We bought a CNC ( Computer Numeric Control) together with a milling machine. As well as other machinery such as a sandblaster, a polisher, a pad printer machine for dials, etc. For more than a year we are in a continuous process of an every-day learning on how to handle and work with the machines to deliver an accurate product. We are also in the stage of manufacturing the prototypes of the Juntor model, which is proving quite complex. Nevertheless, we are almost in the final phase and closer to present the finished watch.

You might ask why I have came to the idea of making my own designs. The answer is because it is almost impossible to design a watch from a sketch, develop and manufacture it without spending a lot of money. Nowadays most of the companies doing so are in Switzerland or China.  In Switzerland, companies can develop a watch with few prototypes, but the cost is very large. In China, developing the watch might be cheaper but the minimum order of watches is usually very high, which at the end makes the costs higher. To put it in a nutshell, it is cheaper to buy a CNC machine than to develop and manufacture a watch like Juntor in Switzerland or China. How about in Spain?

The watches that I have been able to manufacture in Spain I made them in two Schools of Industrial Engineering. The teachers allowed us to use the machinery and helped me in the process of developing the watches. The problem is that there is no regularity in manufacturing and it was a personal benefit to me. So there was only one solution, develop and make them on my own workshop.

So far I have designed several watches like Juntor, Diver or Regulador models. I am developing the bridges for a movement ETA 6498. So, it would be the first non-Swiss movement made in Europe, EXT TYPE 1. Currently my wife and I, are manufacturing the three parts of the Juntor’s case, the link straps and the buckle of the different models. We hope having the watch available soon but it will be released once we achieve a perfect, precise and accurate product.


It is being harder than I imagined but we are persistent and, most important, we have all the time in the world. The fact of making our own design watches by ourselves and the satisfaction that this brings to us overcomes all the difficulties and adversities we have came through.  Having said that, when you work on something you truly believe in, there are no limits.


  1. Wishing you two will come up the best watch and will it soon.

    • Thanks Steve for your words. I hope introducing them as soon as posible 🙂

  2. You are brave and your watches are gorgeous. The best of luck.


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