Parametric modeling Regulador shapes study.


Parametric modeling for shapes of watches can be done in several ways. The most used is simple programs like Rhino. For parametric modeling, where industrial design is much more complicated, are used as the Solidwork programs, Autodesk Inventor or the like.

The problem with these programs is that it is difficult to evaluate the shapes before the of the watch functional development. To do this is very useful plug-in called Grasshopper, which allows a linear series of forms in no time. This allows one to choose different ways of combining quickly and, squeezing the maximum combination suggests the concept to define.

We performed a linear strategy of parametric modeling captures from Grasshopper. This made it possible to realize the relationship between the middle watchcase, the watch bezel and the conjunction of shapes that were more equilibrated to begin industrial design with Autodesk Inventor 11.

Study done by Borja Abellán and Gilberto Salas

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